Antonia Ablass
textile design

green collection

As people live more and more in cities, we lose more and more contact with nature. Even though we are a part of it. With my collection I want to show contrasts, connections and dependencies to nature. To do this, I use different materials, cuts and lines to abstract technical and natural features. I consciously work with paradoxes: technical materials flow naturally, natural materials are structured in a very clear pattern; the flowing is line interspersed with straight, rhythmic lines from which plants grow.

Especially in the context of "sustainable" fashion, materials play a big role. Usually, I exclude the use of synthetic materials in most contexts. Especially in combination with natural materials. But in this collection I wanted to show the contrast between these different materials. I put the synthetic materials in different contexts. At one point it is flowing and hugs the body in a classic cardigan. Here it contrasts brilliantly with the cotton knit trousers, which look very natural with their hand-knitted waistband. I liked working with hand crochet or knitting techniques, as this combines very different materials. Slightly uneven rows are created, which can be interpreted as a combination of man and nature.

© Antonia Ablass